Connecting With Your Advising POD

Email, Appointments, Office Hours, and Group Advising

Students are assigned to a team of advisors (also known as a POD) based on their last name. Through this model student will have the opportunity to utilize and benefit from community-building, a continuity of support and collaborative expertise. Students are able to connect with their advisors in a variety of ways:


Each POD has a designated email address that students can use for quick questions. 

POD 1 | [email protected]

POD 2 | [email protected]

POD 3 | [email protected] 


Students are able to schedule a 30 minute virtual appointment by selecting an option to choose a specific advisor or by selecting "no preference" within their assigned advising POD. Appointments are generally meant for conversations that will last longer than 10 minutes. Through on online booking system students are asked to identify all reasons that describe the purpose and goals for the advising meeting. This allows both students and advisors to prepare for a productive conversation.

Schedule an appointment with an advisor:


Office Hours

Each POD will hold drop-in office hours every week during the Fall and Spring semesters. Office Hours are meant for quick questions or topics that can be discussed within 10 minutes. 


No Show Appointment Policy

We understand that unexpected academic obligations, work commitments or illnesses can affect your schedule.  However, please advise the CCAS Undergraduate Academic Advising Office of any changes to your scheduled appointments as early as possible.  We have high demand for appointments so your cancellation will allow us to offer your time slot to another student, if cancelled in a timely manner.  Be sure to check your schedule carefully in order to avoid multiple appointment cancellations.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so by following the instructions in your appointment confirmation e-mail as soon as you know you need to cancel.  If you do not cancel the appointment and do not show up, it will be recorded as a “no show” by your academic advisor.  Two or more no-shows in a semester will result in you no longer being able to book a 30-minute one-on-one advising appointment during the semester.  Accordingly, you will be limited to meeting with advisors for a 10-minute drop-in appointment during office hours (no appointment necessary!).  

A “no-show” is a student who missed an appointment without cancelling it, either via the online scheduler or by calling (202) 994-6211.  Failure to be present at the time of a scheduled appointment will be recorded in your CCAS advising record as a “no-show.”  This includes arriving 10 minutes (or more) late to your scheduled appointment.