The Columbian College advisors are here to encourage and support you as you explore the multitude of opportunities available in a liberal arts college. We offer both assigned academic advisors and pre-professional advisors, and we hope to partner with you throughout your academic experience as you gain new, exciting knowledge and have meaningful experiences that help shape your academic path. Our office will always be a safe place for you to explore options, navigate transitions, overcome challenges and develop academic plans.


Advising Services


Undergraduate Advising

All Columbian College students are assigned to a group, or POD (Place of Discovery), of undergraduate advisors. Advisors can help students flesh out academic plans, explore opportunities within their major or career path, navigate transitions and much more.

Pre-Professional Advising

Our professional advisors have expertise in pre-health and pre-law programs. Students can talk to a professional advisor to get answers on completing prerequisites, writing applications, preparing for professional exams or finding the right school.


Our Philosophy



The Undergraduate Advising Office uses both professional and faculty advisors to maximize the guidance we offer CCAS students. During their first two years, students are assigned a professional advisor who will help them transition to the university and navigate the curriculum. At the time of major declaration, each student is additionally assigned a faculty advisor from the student’s major department. The faculty advisor becomes the primary advisor for navigating the student’s major curriculum and serves as a mentor regarding the student’s discipline. CCAS pre-professional advisors serve all undergraduates and alumni interested in pursuing health or legal professions.

Students' Responsibility

As students progress through the degree programs within CCAS, academic advisors will assist them with meeting program requirements. However, fulfillment of degree requirements is ultimately the responsibility of the student. Students are expected to understand the degree requirements and engage in careful program planning with their professional and faculty advisors. We expect each student to track curriculum progress individually.

The Advising Relationship

We encourage all CCAS students to continue their relationship with their professional advisors, since the professional advisor will continue to monitor the student’s academic progress and success. A student’s academic advisor also can help with other aspects of the student's academic career, such as admission to graduate or professional school and/or career planning. Academic advisors can direct students to tutorial programs or counseling resources, provide information on internship opportunities and direct students to independent research/guided independent studies.