Department Undergraduate Major Advisors

CCAS Academic Advisors 2021-22

Department Faculty Advisor Email Office
Africana Studies Xolela Mangcu [email protected] Phillips 409
American Studies      


Suleimann Osman [email protected] 2108 G Street, NW

Biological Anthropology, major/minor

Carson Murray [email protected] 800 2nd Street NW Room 6850

Anthropology, major/minor

Sociocultural Anthropology, major/minor

Attiya Ahmad [email protected] 2110 G Street, NW Suite 102

Archaeology, major/minor

Eric Cline [email protected] Rome 661

Transfer Credit/Study Abroad Advisor

Susan Johnston [email protected] 2112 G St. NW, Rm 203

Interdisciplinary Minor in Linguistics

Sociocultural Anthropology Minor

Joel Kuipers [email protected] Bldg X Room 201 2112 G St. NW
Biological Sciences Aleksander Jeremic  [email protected] SEH 5680

Art History

Alexander Dumbadze [email protected] Smith Hall

BA and BFA in Fine Arts


Dual BA in Art History and Fine Arts

Michele Carlson (Spring 2022)/Allyson Vieira (Fall 2022)

Michele Carlson 

[email protected]/ [email protected]

[email protected]

Smith 2A02// 500 17th Street, NW

Smith 2A02

Graphic Design

Sharmila Karamchandani as of 8/15/2021; Siobhan Rigg until 8/14/2021 [email protected]/ [email protected]

Smith Hall of Art
801 22nd Street, NW

Interior Architecture

Scott Jones [email protected] Flagg Building
500 17th Street NW
Rm 133E

BFA in Photojournalism/ BA in Fine Arts with a Photography concentration

Matt Eich [email protected] Smith 207A

Interaction Design

Kevin Patton [email protected] Flagg Building

Transfer credit/Study abroad approval

Kerry McAleer-Keeler [email protected] Flagg Building, #133H
Chemistry LaKeisha McClary [email protected] SEH 4000
Classical Studies      

Classical Studies

Classical Languages

Diane Cline (Fall 2021)/Elise Friedland (Spring 2022)

[email protected]/[email protected]


Phillips Hall 310/Phillips Hall 335

Arabic Studies

Mohssen Esseesy [email protected] Rome  656
Data Science Edwin Lo [email protected] Samson Hall 2nd Floor
East Asian Languages and Literatures      

Chinese (undergrad operations)

Hongyuan Dong [email protected] Rome 467


Brendan Morley [email protected] Rome 469


Immanuel Kim [email protected] Rome 453
Economics Pao-Lin Tien [email protected] Monroe 307


Ormond Seavey [email protected] Phillips 641

Creative Writing

Lisa Page [email protected] Rome 558
Film Studies Elizabeth Anker [email protected] Bldg P, 103A


Declan Cullen (DUS) [email protected] Samson 210

GIS Minor

Richard Hinton [email protected] Samson 103

Environmental Studies and Environmental and Sustainability Science

Melissa Keeley

Dima Streletskiy

Ginger Allington

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Samson 215

2036 H Street, NW

2036 H St, NW Room 207

Geology Catherine Forster [email protected] Bell 101A
History Steve Brady [email protected] Phillips 335
Judaic Studies Arie Dubnov [email protected] Phillips 335
Mathematics Joseph Bonin [email protected] Phillips 720A
  Jay Daigle [email protected] Phillips 739
  Transfer Credit [email protected]  
SMPA (both majors) Patricia Phalen [email protected] 805 21st St., NW
Music Eugene Montague [email protected] Phillips B140
Neuroscience Damien O'Halloran (Neuroscience)  [email protected] Ross 636
  Dwight Kravitz (Cognitive Neuroscience) [email protected] Building GG 2125 G St NW
Organizational Sciences Lori Peters [email protected] 600 21st St


Cheryl Wood [email protected] 600 21st St NW

Org Comm minor and Comm minor

Clay Warren [email protected] 600 21st St NW, room 204
Philosophy Any faculty member for majors/minors    

Transfer and Study Abroad Credits

Chris Venner [email protected] Phillips 5108

Mind-Brain Studies minor

Tad Zawidzki [email protected] Phillips 519

BS in Physics and BA in Physics

Alexander van der Horst

Sylvain Guireic

Axel Schmidt

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Corcoran 409

Corcoran 410

725 21st St NW

BS in Astronomy & Astrophysics

Alexander Van der Horst

Sylvain Guiriec

[email protected]

[email protected]

Corcoran 409

Corcoran 410

BS in Biophysics

Mark Reeves, Xiangyun Qiu

[email protected]

[email protected]

SEH 6870

SEH 6510

Political Science (both majors) Susan Wiley [email protected] HOG 401
Psychological and Brain Sciences (BA) Stephen Dopkins [email protected] Building GG 315
Psychological and Brain Sciences (BS) Dwight Kravitz [email protected] 2125 G St NW
Peace Studies Derek Malone-France [email protected] Ames Hall, Room 205, Mount Vernon Campus
Religion Irene Oh [email protected] 2106 G Street, NW Room 201
Romance, German, & Slavic Languages      


Margaret Gonglewski

Mary Beth Stein

[email protected]

[email protected]

Phillips 509C

Phillips 509F


Richard Robin

Peter Rollberg

[email protected]

[email protected]

Phillips 509E

French Language

Brad Mashall [email protected] Phillips 513

French Literature

Katheryn Kleppinger [email protected] Phillips 513

Spanish, Major/Minor/Study Abroad

Manuel Cuellar (Language)

Sergio Waisman (Literature)

[email protected]

[email protected]

Phillips 513

Phillips 513


Lynn Westwater [email protected] Phillips 513
        Portuguese Masha Belenky [email protected] Phillips 513

Sociology and Criminal Justice (DUS)

Daina Eglitis 


[email protected]

Phillips 409I

Human Service and Social Justice

Michelle Kelso (Director) [email protected]  

Law and Society 

Fran Buntman [email protected] Phillips 409N
Speech, Language, and Hearing Science Francys Subiaul [email protected] 2115 G Street NW Hall of Gov't, Suite 225
  Melanie-Joy H Dorn [email protected] 2115 G Street NW Suite 217
Statistics Srinivasan Balaji [email protected] Rome 767
  Joshua J. Landon [email protected] Rome 652
Theatre and Dance      


Matthew Wilson [email protected]

Building XX (814 20th St, NW), Room 110 (Lower Level)


Maida Withers [email protected]

Building J, 2131 G Street NW (rear)

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) Kelly Pemberton [email protected] 2106 G St NW Department of Religion Room 203