Internship COVID-19 Guidelines

We recognize that students will engage with the broader Washington, D.C., community as part of their college experience, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to COVID-19, many organizations (including GW) are changing their operations to prioritize safety.


Student Guidelines

GW has developed these student guidelines for internships (paid/unpaid, for credit/non-credit) to assist all students as they consider opportunities during the 2020-21 academic year. These guidelines prioritize safety while still accomplishing learning objectives and professional development goals.

  1. When possible, work remotely. Students should discuss with their supervisor if a position can be completed remotely for the entire placement period. Career Services put together a resource guide to help students find and make the most of remote positions.
  2. If a position is in-person or has the potential to shift from remote to in-person, students should understand if, when and how in-person responsibilities are fulfilled. Students should ask their supervisor relevant safety questions before a placement begins, such as:
    • What are the employer’s safety protocols in response to COVID-19? Are these protocols similar to those utilized on GW’s campus? Do these protocols follow updated recommendations from the state/local governments?
    • How does the employer expect students to protect themselves and others? What equipment, if any, will the employer provide? Are students expected to provide their own equipment?
    • If the student becomes ill or comes into contact with someone who is ill, what are the employer’s expectations for continued service?
    Students who do not feel safe or comfortable with an employer’s responses, or students who feel unsafe at a particular site at any time, should immediately contact their on-site supervisor or the employer’s HR Department. In addition, students should immediately contact their most directly-related GW contact to find a solution. If a student is pursuing the internship for CCAS 2154 credit, they can email [email protected] and their faculty advisor for assistance.
  3. Stay abreast of GW's Coronavirus Response for timely updates and comprehensive safety information as well as federal resources such as the CDC COVID-19 website, OSHA COVID-19 guidance (PDF) and EEOC COVID-19 resources.


Employer Guidelines

The GW Center for Career Services put together these Supervising Remote Workers Tips. If you have questions, contact GW Employer Relations at [email protected] or 202-994-8633.