Global Bachelor's Program Application Requirements

If you have questions about your eligibility for the Global Bachelor's Program, cost and financial support or the application process, please contact your POD advisor or the Office for Study Abroad.


The Global Bachelor's Program is open to CCAS students in all majors, provided that the academic plan demonstrates that all the requirements of the program can be met. In order to apply, CCAS students must:

  • Be in the spring semester of their freshman year
  • Be in good disciplinary standing
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

Please note: Selection for the Global Bachelor’s Program is competitive. Simply meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee selection for this program.

Application Requirements

Application Deadline: March 15 (Asia-Pacific and Belfast programs)

  1. View requirements on GW Passport. Students can apply for the program using GW Passport through the Office for Study Abroad. The Global Bachelor’s application page on Passport details all of the necessary application materials, including an unofficial transcript, personal statement and approved four-year academic plan.
  2. Meet with POD advisor. You must meet with your assigned POD advisor prior to submitting the application in order to review a four-year plan that includes your intended degree coursework. When booking an appointment online, select “specific advisor preference” to meet with your assigned POD advisor. In your appointment booking, please mention “Global Bachelor’s Program” in the Additional Comments section.
  3. Develop and submit a four-year academic plan. First drafts of all plans must be submitted to your POD advisor by February 7 (before applying for the program) to your assigned POD advisor to allow time for any necessary revisions. First drafts of academic plans that are not submitted by February 7 are not guaranteed review.

Academic Plan Guidelines

The academic plan is a major component of your application to the Global Bachelor’s Program. Proper care and consideration should go into developing your academic plan. While it is a living document that can change based on course availability and your interests, your academic plan lays out a road map that shows how you plan to complete the requirements for your degree, General Education Curriculum requirements and Global Bachelor’s Program requirements. It should also include information about where and when you plan to do your semesters abroad and whether or not you plan on doing an international summer internship in lieu of a third semester abroad.

First drafts of academic plans that are not submitted to your POD advisor by the February deadline are not guaranteed review.

Helpful Resources for Crafting Your Academic Plan

  • The GW Bulletin
    The GW Bulletin contains the requirements for your major(s) and minor(s). Your academic plan should include courses that will allow you to satisfy all the requirements of your intended major(s) and minor(s), if applicable
  • List of Approved GPAC Courses
    This resource lists all courses approved to satisfy University and CCAS General Education Requirements, often referred to as GPAC. Your academic plan should include courses that will allow you to satisfy all University and CCAS General Education Requirements. **Note: You should NOT plan to complete any General Education or GPAC courses while abroad.**
  • Global Bachelor’s Program Requirements
    Your academic plan should include all general and country-specific Global Bachelor’s Program requirements.
  • GW Schedule of Classes
    The Schedule of Classes can be helpful in determining where to put courses in your academic plan. For example, if a certain course seems to be offered in the fall semester, historically, you may want to plan on taking that course in a fall semester. In conjunction with the GW Bulletin, pay particular attention to prerequisites and course sequencing.
  • Course Approval Transfer System (CATS) and the Pre-Approved Course List
    Some courses at abroad locations have been pre-approved for transfer back to GW. You can use the CATS system and its Pre-Approved Course List to look up how courses at your proposed study abroad locations would transfer back to GW and factor into your academic plan as major/minor requirements or electives.
  • Study Abroad Location Course Bulletins
    For courses at your intended study abroad locations that are not pre-approved, you may find these listed in the Course Bulletin or Catalog at that institution.