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The CCAS Academic Success Program helps students develop the skills and programming they need to succeed at the university. While working one-on-one with coaches through the Office of Student Success to cultivate an individual development plan, students also improve their time management, study skills, self-assessment of academic strengths, comfort level working with faculty and personal well-being.

If you have any questions about ASP or the requirements to complete the program, please email [email protected].

How We Can Help


Course and Major Choice

Are you picking courses that best set you up for success? Is your major a good fit for you? If you do not feel engaged in the content of your courses or you feel that your abilities would better fit a different academic path, you can meet with a POD advisor to explore these questions. We can discuss ways to identify and leverage your academic strengths through course choice, major choice and future academic and professional goals. 


Personal Health and Well-Being 

Do you take care of your physical and emotional well-being? Is your well-being impacting your academic success? The OSS team can work with you on better balancing your academics and well-being. Ask your coach about the variety of coping skills and stress management techniques we offer. We can also connect you with additional campus resources for support.


Study Skills and Working with Faculty

Do you feel like you are studying the wrong things? Are you communicating effectively with faculty? If you routinely get stuck when it comes to tasks such as reviewing notes or going to office hours, we can help. The OSS team can review study skills and considerations when working with faculty.


Time Management

Do you procrastinate? Do you run out of hours in the day? If you need assistance in assessing or developing your time management skills, we can dedicate your coaching appointments to time management. OSS coaches can assist you with understanding how you are currently spending your time and how you could optimize it for academic success.


GW Library Workshops



CCAS Academic Success Program (ASP) works exclusively with undergraduate CCAS students on academic probation and academic suspension.

  • Students on academic probation are encouraged to seek one-to-one Student Success Coaching through the Office of Student Success over the course of the semester.
  • Students on academic suspension may schedule appointments with their POD to address their concerns while suspended, plan for re-admission and discuss other next steps regarding their academic career.

The Columbian College partners with the GW Office for Student Success to ensure that all students in need of support are able to be matched with a coach.

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