International Students

Students at a GW International Students Office event in Kogan Plaza with country flags waving in the wind.

As an international student at GW, you have many resources available to you to help you navigate the university GW community and be successful academically and personally. Explore resources designed to help you find the answers you need and grow as an undergraduate student. 


Resources for International Students

Language and Writing
  • Academic Commons
    There are many options for peer-assisted learning across campus. Learn more about working with a Learning Assistant, meeting with a peer tutor, or attending drop-in hours and review sessions.
  • GW Writing Center
    The Writing Center offers free, peer-based support to students from across the university. Students can book one-on-one sessions to work on written assignments, discuss assigned prompts, build a deeper understanding of grammar and more. Visit the Writing Center website to book an appointment online.
  • Everyday English Program
    The Everyday English Program is designed to help GW international students improve their conversational English skills. The Everyday English Program is held during the fall and spring semesters and includes weekly practice.
  • Language Exchange
    The Language Center hosts this program designed for GW students who wish to practice a foreign language with fellow students. In the program, two speakers of different languages practice their languages together. Partners have the independence to structure their meetings according to their needs.
  • GW Libraries Resources for International Students
    Find information regarding library locations and resources for conducting research as well as contact a librarian with questions.
  • Center for Undergraduate Fellowship and Research
    The Center for Undergraduate Fellowship and Research provides students and alumni with information, guidance and support as they learn about and apply for research opportunities and national fellowship competitions.
  • Global Resources Center (GRC)
    The GRC focuses on the political, socioeconomic, historical and cultural aspects of countries and regions around the globe from the 20th century onward with specialized resource centers. The center houses five specialized collections: the China Documentation Center; Okinawa Collection/Japan Resource Center; Taiwan Resource Center; Resource Center for Russia, Eurasia, and Eastern and Central Europe; and Middle East and North Africa Resource Center.
Additional Services
  • Professor Office Hours
    If you need extra help or just want to clarify information from class, the first place you should go is to the professor who teaches your class. Most professors hold office hours outside of class time, you can find this time by looking in the syllabus, searching on the department website or asking the professor.
  • Disability Support Services (DSS)
    DSS at GW recognizes disability in the context of diversity. DSS works collaboratively with students, faculty and staff across the campus to foster a climate of universal academic excellence, while also promoting disability culture and GW’s broader diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • GW Campus Resources for International Students
    This comprehensive list of resources compiled by GW Libraries for international students is regularly updated. It includes academic and language resources as well as student organizations that will help you meet American students and practice English.