Internal Transfers for Existing GW Students

If you are a current GW student looking to transfer into the Columbian College, continue reading. If you are transferring to GW from another school, visit the external transfers page.


Before You Transfer

Explore majors. The Undergraduate Advising Office first encourages students to research undergraduate programs available through the University Bulletin.

Take introductory courses. If you have a specific major in mind, take the required introductory or prerequisite course(s) to help you decide if a transfer into CCAS is the right decision for you.

Meet with an advisor. After doing the necessary research, meet with what would be your assigned advising POD, should you eventually transfer. During the meeting, you will discuss major/minor interests, a graduation timeline and G-PAC. We strongly recommend that you schedule this meeting rather than dropping in for Office Hours.

Familiarize yourself with graduation requirements. Learn more about how to prepare for graduation. Students are always encouraged to also use DegreeMAP to track graduation requirements. 


Understand G-PAC Requirements for Transfer Students

All CCAS students, including transfers, must complete the college-specific general education curriculum requirements (G-PAC).

For students who entered GW prior to the Fall 2015 semester
  • Other GW schools may have different general education requirements from the CCAS GPAC.
  • For students who transfer internally to CCAS, any G-PAC approved course taken at GW during the fall 2011 semester or later can apply towards G-PAC.
  • New courses are added to the course list each year. If a student has taken a course prior to when it was approved for G-PAC, it will not count towards G-PAC (this rule applies to all CCAS students).
  • Once a student has matriculated, all remaining G-PAC courses must done in residence (study abroad is considered in residence).
For students who entered GW in the Fall 2015 semester and later
  • All undergraduate students will need to complete the University General Education Requirements.
  • Additionally, students transferring internally will need to complete the Columbian College-specific requirements.
  • Coursework taken prior to entering CCAS that are approved University or college specific requirement courses will apply to those requirements accordingly.
  • Once a student has matriculated, all remaining General Education Requirements must be done in residence (study abroad is considered in residence).

Ready to Apply for a Transfer?

If a student is ready to apply for a transfer, the student should complete the Request for Internal Transfer form available on the Registrar's website and turn it into the Registrar's Office (located in Colonial Central).

Deadlines for Internal Transfers

For the fall semester: February 15 (for students that have completed transfer prerequisites) or May 31 (for students enrolled in transfer prerequisite courses in the current semester)

For the spring semester: October 15

Once processed, transfer are effective at the start of the following semester; transfers are only accepted for fall or spring semester. Additional information about the internal transfer process can be found on the Registrar's website.