Academic Standing

NOTE: CCAS Academic Standing for Fall 2017 is currently under review.  Students will be notified of their standing via email when standing has been finalized.  

Dean’s List

Undergraduate students who, in any one semester, earn 12 credits or more and attain a minimum semester grade point average of 3.75 in letter-graded course work, pass all non-graded credit courses, and do not have any Unauthorized Withdrawals (Z) or Incompletes (I), are placed on the Dean’s List for that semester.


Requirements while on Probation: Students on academic probation will be required to meet with the Academic Advising Office at certain points throughout the semester so that we know students are holding themselves accountable for their progress, and so we can discuss strategies that most resonate with who students are and how they learn. Students will be required to complete different assignments during the course of the semester to reflect on previous semesters, gain perspective on how they are using their time, and track academic progress. If you are a student on Academic Probation, please review program requirements: 

Fall 2017 Academic Success Program


Understanding Your Options During an Academic Suspension

Suspension means that you must remain away from GW for at least one academic semester (fall or spring). You can not register for any classes at GW during that semester away.

Seeking Readmission to GW

The following delineates your options if you are seeking readmission to GW:

  1. Evidence of academic success - to return to GW, you need to show evidence of successful academic performance at another college or university during your time away. Here are the steps to take:

    • Enter another accredited college or university as a non-degree, visiting, or guest student

    • Register for and successfully complete at least 12 credits of academic coursework in one semester (fall or spring)

    • Earn at least a 3.0 semester GPA

    • Fill out the GW readmission application - please keep in mind that there is a deadline to complete the readmission application and it is not guaranteed that your application will be approved should you meet the minimum criteria

    • Once grades are posted on a transcript, send the transcript (can be unofficial) to GW Office of Admissions

    • Wait to receive an email from GW Office of Admissions, alerting you about your readmissions status

  2. Withdrawal after the 8th week - if you think there were extenuating circumstances occurring after the 8th week withdrawal deadline that caused you to do poorly in the semester that resulted in your suspension (e.g., medical issues, family emergency), you can move forward with a request for a full withdrawal from that semester. Please click here for more information about that process. 

    • Note: If you complete this process and your request is approved for a full withdrawal, then you will no longer have a suspension status but depending on the circumstances you may be required to obtain approval from the University before you can return to classes. If your request is not approved, you will need to follow the steps in #1 above in order to return.

  3. Appeal - If you believe there were reasons why your semester went poorly but they do not fall into the categories above in #2, please reach out to the CCAS Advising office at with a brief explanation of what transpired and we will direct you to next steps.