CCAS Advising Model

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CCAS advising is determined to support our students comprehensively and with continuity. Students are assigned to advising teams called PODs (Place of Discovery).

Fun fact: A group of hippos is called a Pod!

The Model

Students are assigned to a POD based on their last name and will have the opportunity to utilize the various skills and knowledge sets that individual advisors can now share with a greater subset of our college. We hope to accomplish the following goals through this model:

Community-Building: Each POD is comprised of a team of advisors and a subset of the CCAS student population. Through one-on-one appointments with POD advisors, office hours, group advising sessions, and workshops specific to each POD, students will be able to engage in a diversity of meaningful interactions with both POD advisors and POD peers such that they are contributing members to a community and a welcoming academic environment.

Continuity of Support: POD advisors will know the students in their POD – their stories, their strengths, their challenges – so that students won’t have to re-tell their stories each time they arrive at our door. POD advisors will meet as a group for consultation sessions, where they discuss students in their POD in order to gain perspective on student situations and more proactively reach out to meet students’ needs.

Collaborative Expertise: We will encourage students to be more introspective and intentional when choosing reasons they wish to make advising appointments, and as such they will have access to the advisors in their PODs who have the knowledge area to assist them, creating a well-rounded approach to supporting students.

The Breakdown

Correspondence with PODs can be directed to the appropriate POD email address:

POD 1 – Students with last names A-G: [email protected]

POD 2 – Students with last names H-N: [email protected]

POD 3 – Students with last names O-Z: [email protected]

Students interested in pursuing graduate work in law or pre-health may still meet with those respective advisors: Deborah Baker (pre-law), Callan Betaharon & Kristin Tull (pre-health).