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The Study Abroad Process

Before you go... 

  • Students are encouraged to begin planning for study abroad early in their academic career. Students should work closely with the Office for Study Abroad (CCAS Advising Liaison) as well as the CCAS Undergraduate Academic Advising Office to understand general timelines, policies, and procedures.
  • Students should start by recognizing where they stand with academic requirements and exploring the available programs on the Study Abroad GW Passport website.
  • Students are encouraged to meet with their assigned CCAS advising POD to complete an academic plan to make sure studying abroad can fit with their academic goals.
  • Students should also meet with their faculty major/minor advisor to understand how studying abroad may affect completion of major/minor requirements.
  • Students are also encouraged to review the Study Abroad Course Approval Guide below to help understand the transfer credit process and obtain as many course approvals as possible prior to departure as not all coursework may transfer back to the institution.

Upon your return...

  • Students should review the Study Abroad Course Approval Guide, obtain any course approvals remaining ,and then work with the Office for Study Abroad to post their transfer credits to their GW transcript as soon as possible as delaying this process may also delay graduation. 
  • Once their transfer credits are posted to their GW transcript, students are encouraged to meet with their POD advisors to understand their remaining degree requirements and to confirm they are still on track for completing their degree.
  • Students should also connect with their faculty major/minor advisor to understand how their coursework may fit in with their overall major/minor requirements.
  • Students are encouraged to use campus resources such as the Office for Career Service to help utilize their international experience in marketing themselves for potential internship and job opportunities.

Transfer Students and Study Abroad

  • It does require planning with your Academic Advisors to ensure that you are meeting all degree requirements prior to graduation, but studying abroad is an experience that is encouraged.
  • In order to be eligible for Latin honors students must earn at least 60 GPA credits at GW, so transfer students should speak with their POD Advisors to see how this might affect their graduation should Latin honors be part of their academic goals.

Bringing in Study Abroad Credit

  • We strongly suggest students should obtain all course approvals prior to studying abroad.
  • Students should refer to the Office for Study Abroad website for information about the transfer credit process in GW CATS.
  • Students are registered by the Office for Study Abroad for a placeholder of EXCH XXXX for 15 credit hours to keep them enrolled as current students while they study abroad. Transfer credit will not be updated in the GWeb information system, posted to the GW transcript, or appear in DegreeMAP until an official transcript from the foreign institution or program provider arrives to the Office for Study Abroad, the student has completed course approvals for all class taken while abroad on GW CATS and they have signed the Confirm Completion of Course Approval in CATS form in GW Passport.
  • Students studying abroad especially in their final term or year should understand that the process by which transfer credit is posted can take time and and as a result can possibly delay being cleared for graduation.

Internships Abroad

Students who register for an internship course abroad may not receive elective CCAS 2154 credit upon returning to GW. Students are encouraged to speak with their major advisor to discuss internship course options within the department.

Studying Abroad and Pre-Health Professions

Students, who are interested in pursuing a health profession and also would like to study abroad, are encouraged to meet with a pre-health advisor and visit the health professions website.