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Individual Academic Success Coaching

The CCAS Academic Success Program values the unique experiences of each student and offers 30-minute coaching appointments designed to support students in a variety of ways.  We strive to individualize coaching sessions to address specific challenges students face that may impact academic success. With this in mind, we have designated four different tracks that students can identify as their main challenge area at the beginning of the semester. More details about each of the four tracks can be found below.


  • Course and Major Choice - Are you picking courses that best set you up for success? Is your major a good fit for you? If you do not feel engaged in the content of your courses or you feel like your skills and abilities would better fit a different academic path, you can use your coaching time to explore these considerations.  We can discuss ways to identify and leverage your academic strengths through course choice, major choice, and future academic and professional goals. 
  • Managing Personal Health and Well-Being - Do you take care of your physical and emotional well-being? Is your well-being impacting your academic success? The Academic Success Team can work with you on better balancing your academics and well-being. We can discuss a variety of coping skills and stress management techniques as well as connect you with additional campus resources for support.
  • Study Skills and Working with Faculty - Do you feel like you’re studying the wrong things? Are you communicating with faculty? If you routinely get stuck when it comes to tasks such as reviewing notes or going to office hours, we can help. The Academic Success Team can review study skills and considerations when working with faculty.
  • Time Management - Do you procrastinate? Do you run out of hours in the day? If you need assistance in assessing or developing your time management skills, we can dedicate your coaching appointments to time management.  Academic Success Coaches can assist you with understanding how you are currently spending your time and how you could optimize it for academic success.

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