Step 4: Take Action

Choosing a major requires your active participation. You must be proactive in this process!

Most CCAS students will declare their major in their third full-time semester (or after completing 45 credits, whichever comes first), and no later than the registration period before the fifth full-time semester.  Transfer students are recommended to declare their major during their first (or second) semester at GW.

To declare a major, students must complete a Declaration of Major form with a faculty member in the chosen major.  At this meeting, students will review the major requirements and devise a tentative course of study to complete the major.

Submit the signed Declaration of Major form to Phillips Hall 107.

Once students declare a major, they will receive a departmental faculty advisor who will provide subject matter expertise and can tailor the student's interests to the requirements of the major.  Departmental faculty advisors can serve as mentors, role models, career counselors, writers of recommendation letters, and sources of information on graduate and professional studies. 

Students will maintain their professional academic advisor in CCAS as well.

Don't forget the following considerations:

  • Be sure you are aware of the criteria to declare this major, your eligibility for this major, and the timeline for declaration of this major. 
  • Choose student activities, internships, volunteer work, and/or part-time employment that can help you further develop your skills in areas that interest you.
  • Talk to people who work in the career fields you are considering. Ask them about their major and how it helped them.
  • Consider possible internships and Career Center workshops.