Robert W. Kenny Prize

The annual competition for the Robert W. Kenny Prize for Innovation in Teaching of Introductory Courses is offered to a faculty member in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences who students consider to be an outstanding teacher. This is an opportunity to recognize a professor whose teaching has encouraged students to think differently, allowing them to take advantage of their academic experience at GWU. The Kenny Prize honors former Dean Robert Kenny and his special dedication to stimulating experiences for students at the beginning of their experience at GWU.

This is an invitation to nominate an instructor who has demonstrated an imaginative or innovative approach to teaching in an introductory or basic course in a discipline for the Kenny Prize. The basic course that you choose may be intended for freshmen or sophomores, but should be taught in an imaginative, original way that motivates students to learn.

The course that you select should meet these criteria:

  1. The course introduces its subject in a creative, innovative way – it has made students think differently.

  2. The course was taught in the current academic year.

  3. The professor, a full-time member of the Columbian College faculty, is a truly memorable teacher.

  4. Faculty members may not be in their first year of teaching.

  5. Please note, only one faculty member from a department can be nominated for this prize.

A complete nomination package will contain:

  1. A nomination letter, from the department, of no more than two pages describing how the chosen instructor’s approach to teaching is innovative, creative and/or original.

  2. At least one letter from a student to second the nomination. A maximum of three student letters of support may be submitted.

The nomination deadline for the Kenny Prize is Wednesday, March 1st at 5pm. Nominations can be sent to Susan DeCicco at [email protected].