Reaching Degree Completion

After all of your grades have posted, you will receive an email from your advisor letting you know whether or not you have been cleared to graduate. 

If you have been cleared, your degree will be conferred 5-10 business days after you receive the email notice from your advisor.

  • Your degree will be conferred by the Registrar’s Office. Your diploma will be mailed to the diploma address you provided in GWeb in 8 to 12 weeks.
  •  In 10 business days from the date you receive the email from your advisor, you can check your unofficial transcript to see if the degree is now included at the top: "Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts/Science [date]".  If not, check back periodically, as sometimes processing takes additional time. Should you need documentation of your degree, you can request an Official Transcript. Before requesting your transcript, double-check your unofficial transcript on GWeb to see if “Degree Awarded” is showing.  If so, visit to learn the various ways to request your transcript.   


If you haven’t been cleared, work closely with your advisor to complete your degree. Please note the following:

If you completed the coursework to satisfy your missing requirements during this past semester and your missing requirement(s) is/are the result of an administrative delay, you can still be a graduate in this term.  Administrative delays include but are not limited to: missing grades for completed work and/or missing transfer credit from a US institution or Study Abroad program. Since there is no automated way for your advisor to monitor changes to your transcript, it is your responsibility to monitor your GWeb transcript and contact your advisor when missing requirements have been completed.


If you did not complete the requirements for your degree during this past semester, you must take the following steps to complete your degree:

  • Maintain your enrollment at GW, semester by semester, either by taking courses at GW or registering for Continuous Enrollment as you take classes elsewhere, until you complete your degree.  You can complete your final six hours elsewhere, but other residency requirements may need to be reviewed before making this decision.
  • Submit a new Graduation Application online for your new graduation term.  For instructions on how to apply online, visit: