Major Requirements

The requirements for all majors are listed in the Bulletin for each department.  Students are expected to read the Bulletin carefully, and to ask questions when they meet with their major advisor before declaring their major. 

Columbian College requires that all upper-level (2000-4000) courses in the major must be passed with a grade of at least a "C-" to count toward the major.  Students must get permission from their major advisor to repeat any courses which they passed with grades lower than a "C-."

In all majors at least 12 credits of upper-level (2000-4000) work must be taken in residence in the Columbian College.  This rule applies to all students, including transfer students. 

No required coursework for a major (or minor or G-PAC) may be taken P/NP.

You can change your major or minor at any time, but remember that changes to your curriculum might alter your graduation timeline. To do so, you should complete another Major/Minor Declaration Form to make the appropriate changes. 

Majors with an application process

Double Majors in the Columbian College

  • Students who complete the requirements of two majors in Columbian College (such as mathematics and physics, or history and economics) may graduate with a double major under a specific primary degree (BA, BS, BFA).
  • Consult with advisors in the two departments concerned before officially declaring both majors.
  • Double majors do not result in two degrees. Students will receive one degree, showing both majors (see the University Bulletin for further details).
  • Students may declare a maximum of two majors. 

Special Honors

  • Students should consult the GW Bulletin and speak with their departmental advisor to see if they qualify to graduate with special honors.