Information for Seniors

Congratulations to you as you near the end of your time as a CCAS Undergraduate student. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the following terms, and then see the additional tabs for important information for seniors.

Celebration: The ceremony held by the Columbian College to celebrate your accomplishment.  You will sit with other students from your major and your name will be called.

Commencement: The university-wide ceremony held on the National Mall.  All schools and degree candidates are present for this event.

Graduation: The point in time when your degree is conferred.  This happens after the Celebration and Commencement ceremonies, and is dependent upon your completion of your degree requirements.  It is possible to participate in Commencement and Celebration and not graduate from the Columbian College.

Conferred: This means you have officially been granted your degree.  If you have finished your requirements but have not yet been granted your degree, then your degree has not yet been conferred.