Declaring a Minor

Students have the option of declaring up to two minors, but a minor is not required. Not all Columbian College academic departments offer minor options; visit the Columbian College website to browse all minor programs in the college.


How to Declare

To declare a minor, students must complete the Declaration of Major/Minor Form (PDF), have it signed by a faculty member in the department of the chosen major and submit it to the Undergraduate Advising Office virtually or in person at Phillips 107.


Coursework Requirements for the Minor

In addition to the courses required by the department for the minor, all CCAS students must adhere to these guidelines:

  • At least one-half of the course work required for a minor must be taken at GW.
  • Students must earn grades of at least “C-” in all upper-level courses for the minor, including any courses transferred from other institutions.
  • Courses passed with a grade below “C-” may be used to fulfill a curricular requirement in the minor, but will not be counted toward the total number of credit hours required for the minor.
  • Courses may fulfill requirements for both a major and a minor. However some minors have restrictions on the number of courses that can double-count between the major and minor, and some minors are not allowed depending on the student's major (i.e., a student cannot minor in Criminal Justice with a Sociology major, and vice versa). Students should speak with their departmental and professional advisors for restrictions.