Program Requirements

Updated for Fall 2019

Students on academic probation should complete all requirements as listed below as part of the Academic Success Program:

1. Schedule an appointment with an advisor from your POD (over the phone or in-person) prior to or during the first week of the semester.  To schedule, use the POD online calendars.  All POD appointments take place in Phillips 107.


2. Attend an Academic Success Workshop during the first week of classes.  Register for the workshop online here. Registration for the workshops will open the week before the semester begins. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the location of your workshop. Note: This workshop is typically only a requirement for first-time students on probation. For students who have attended this workshop in a prior semester, you can begin the semester with 1:1 coaching.


3. Attend ongoing individual appointments with an Academic Success Coach.  Schedule on our Academic Success Coaching Calendar. All coaching appointments take place in Phillips 107. If you were not required to attend the mandatory Academic Success Workshop this semester (since you completed it in a prior semester), please bring a completed copy of our intake survey to your first appointment.


4. Follow a personalized Academic Success Plan to be developed at your first individual meeting. You will be expected to complete assignments from your Academic Success Coach in the time frame set forth.


5. Submit a Mid-Semester Report to be signed by each of your professors to the Academic Success Coaching team by the end of the 8th week of classes: Friday, October 18th for the Fall 2019 semester.  You may bring the report to an appointment prior to the deadline or submit it to the front desk of Phillips 107.  


6. Attend at least one campus workshop of your choice approved by a CCAS Academic Success Coach. Complete the Workshop Tracking Form  with facilitator signature and turn it into Phillips 107 to receive credit for this requirement. You can find a list of available workshops here.




All students on academic probation will receive a Registration Hold to temporarily prevent course registration.  To get this hold lifted, see your POD with a completed Registration Hold Agreement.  You may print the form, complete it, and bring it with you when you see your POD.  Or you may complete the form in the Advising Office.  If you plan to complete in the Advising Office, be sure to come with your list of the classes for which you plan to register for the following semester.  


If you have any questions about these requirements, please email [email protected].  You may also schedule an appointment with an Academic Success Coach at any time by visiting the Academic Success Coaching online calendar.