General Pre-Law Information

Undergraduate study in the liberal arts is an ideal preparation for law school. Law schools require a student to have earned a bachelor’s degree at the time of law school matriculation, but there is no required, or even preferred, major for law school. Likewise, there are no required courses for admission to law school.

The law touches every area of life and society. Students come to law school from every conceivable field of work and undergraduate and post-graduate study. The practice and study of law does, however, require certain skills—including the ability to think and read critically, analyze situations, communicate effectively orally and in writing, perform research, listen effectively, and manage time.

Students interested in law school are encouraged to take advantage of the wide variety of courses and areas of study available through the College and University. Students should choose a major that interests them and will keep them engaged. Doing so will lead to higher grades, which will in turn increase their chances of getting into the law school of their choice.

Marcus Ware, the Pre-Law Advisor, is available for individual appointments in the Columbian College Pre-Professional Studies Office in Smith Hall.  Students meeting with him for the first time, should attend an Introductory Pre-Law Workshop. Students can register for a workshop here. Seniors and alumni who are actively applying to law school can make an appointment online or call (202) 994-6210. In addition, students interested in law school should visit the Law School Admission Council’s website as well as individual law school websites.

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