Families play an invaluable role in their child’s academic endeavors. We hope our CCAS website and academic resources can be just as valuable to families as they are to students.


CCAS Advisors strive to be a personal contact for students throughout their time at GW; someone they can turn to for any question, and as a go-to resource on all things academic related.  We always encourage students to reach out directly on their own behalf to their Advisor for any questions/concerns.  To this end, CCAS Advisors are required by law not to disclose any information about the student’s academic record to anyone outside of the university which includes parents and family members.  To learn more about this policy, read the FERPA/Records Access information on the Registrar's website. 

Tuition Insurance

Tuition insurance is an option for students and parents interested in coverage for the cost of tuition and fees in the event a student must withdraw from school before the end of the semester.

Resources for Parents