Faculty Feedback

Faculty Feedback is an initiative designed to make it easy for faculty to report student progress around the mid-point of the semester.  This early feedback allows the CCAS academic advising office to reach out to struggling students earlier in the semester, as well as identify and recognize students doing outstanding work in their courses. 

For which students do I need to provide feedback?

The Dean’s Office would like to know about these specific student populations:

  • Students who are excelling in your course, going above and beyond course expectations;
  • Students who are in danger of failing your course; and
  • Students designated as “Monitored.”  Monitored students are those students about whom the Dean’s Office would like a report, even if the students are not performing particularly well or poorly.  Often these students are on academic probation, and your feedback allows academic advisors to better assist them through the semester.

Who will use this information and for what will it be used?

  • The information gathered from faculty feedback will be accessed and used by academic advisors to proactively reach out to the student and provide success strategies if they are struggling, or special opportunities if they are excelling.
  • It is important to recognize that while the information entered will not be readily accessible to students, it does become a part of the students’ educational records, which would be accessible to students upon request.

How do I use the Faculty Feedback function?

1) Sign into GWeb using your User ID and PIN


2) Select the Faculty Menu tab


3) Click on the “Faculty Feedback” link under the Faculty Menu, and you will see all the courses for which you are an assigned instructor this semester.  You do not have to be the primary instructor in order to submit feedback.


4) Clicking on a course under “Select to Enter Feedback” will take you to the class list.


5) Students for whom feedback is required will show at the top of the list as “Monitored.” All other students will show as “Optional.”


6) Clicking the arrow beside each student (under ‘Show/Hide’) will provide a pre-selected list of “Commendations" and "Deficiencies” as well as a free-text comment field.  For all monitored students, please select appropriate issues and enter additional comments that you feel will be useful to advising staff. You do not have to submit an estimated grade for each student. 

The Faculty Feedback function in GWeb will be available for the Spring 2018 semester from March 1 through April 30, 2018.  Please contact Gilda Mossadegh, Director of CCAS Undergraduate Advising, with any questions: [email protected]