Degree Requirements

Students must complete 120 credits
  • Up to 3 credits of Lifestyle, Sport, and Physical Activity (LSPA) courses, taken for a letter grade starting in the Fall 2020 semester, may count toward the 120 credits required for the bachelor's degree in Columbian College. Students must earn a passing grade of D- or higher in the LSPA course for it to count toward graduation requirements.
  • Credit for repeated courses will not be counted.
  • For students entering in Fall 2015, no more than 3 credits of Health and Wellness (HLWL) courses may count toward the 120 credits required for the bachelor’s degree in Columbian College.
Students must meet the University general education requirement
  • Under the general education requirement, undergraduate students are required to take 19 credits in approved courses in the areas of writing, the humanities, natural or physical science, mathematics or statistics, and social science, plus two writing-in-the-discipline courses.
Students must complete the school-specific requirements of their home school
  • In addition to the University general education requirement, undergraduate students in Columbian College must complete a further general education curriculum specific to the College. 
  • Certain courses are approved to count in more than one of these categories.


Students must complete the requirements of at least one major within their home school
  • Major fields are defined by a set of required courses.
  • The prescribed curricula for majors are outlined under each department’s heading in the Bulletin.
  • For all majors, a minimum grade of C− must be attained in all courses numbered 2000 or above that are required for the major.  
  • If a student receives a grade of D+, D, or D− the student may either repeat the course until a satisfactory grade (C− or better) is attained, or with the permission of the department, substitute another course numbered 2000 or above.  
Students must fulfill the residence requirement
  • Students must earn at least 60 credits at or through GW, which may include a University-authorized study abroad and study away program.
  • For students entering in the 2015-2016 academic year and later, at least 30 of the 60 credits earned at or through GW must be in upper-level courses (numbered 2000 or above); at least 12 credits in upper-level courses must be in the major field, and at least 6 credits in upper-level courses must be in the minor field, if sought. 
  • Students may not register concurrently in this University and another institution without the prior permission of the advising office.
Students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0
  • The grade point average (GPA) is computed with a formula that includes points assigned to each grade (A through F) and the credit value of each class. Students may wish to consult the GPA Calculator.  
Students must apply to graduate
  • All degree-seeking students must apply for graduation via the online graduation application in GWeb.